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Founded in 2022, Nurture Natives is a youth-led organization dedicated to empowering youth through environmental initiatives that enhance native biodiversity. Our programs have spanned across Maryland, educating thousands of youth on biodiversity, native species, and pollination. We host state-wide giveaways, distributing free native seedlings, saplings, and shrubs. Through collaboration with the University of Maryland Extension, our team published Nurture Natives: A Guide to Invasive Species and their Native Look-Alikes. Hundreds of Nurture Natives Guides are being distributed to nurseries across seven East Coast states. Passionate about eradicating invasive species, our team is also working with legislators to ban the propagation, importation, selling, and purchasing of the Callery pear tree in Maryland. As Nurture Natives grows, our resolve remains resolute: to inspire, educate, and advocate for a future in which our youth and environment thrive.

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​Ban the Sale of the Callery Pear in MD

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